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The latest post is from Susan Herrmann Loomis’s Rue Tatin blog — all about hosting a wine tasting! Yum.

First Night | SAVEUR

Here’s an interesting article about a French tradition. Enjoy, sisters! Happy new year!

First Night | SAVEUR.

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Pardon My French

How’s yours? Your French, that is.

Mine is mediocre. High school French, in three words. I can get by but am far from fluent which always seemed kind of okay to me. I’ve wanted to be fluent of course. I’ve also wanted to live in France for years on end, making the immersion process more or less painless.

But now comes a new this article from the New York Times that says just trying to learn a new language — and probably failing — keeps your brain young and vibrant. So here’s to Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and more!

Keep learning, sisters.


Viva la Republique!bastille-day-paris-2


Have you been in France for Bastille Day? Let’s hear about it! Send your photos to me here at France Sisterhood.


House obsessed?

Big or small? Is that the only question you ask?

I admit it: I am a bit obsessed with houses and medieval ones in France top that list. (What is better than before and after pix?) I read about this chateau in the Pyrenees being brought back to life by an Australian couple. What a project! Not a medieval stone cottage but a huge, dilapidated 1700s mansion. You can follow the progress on Instagram (Chateau de Gudanes) or on their blog.

Then I read about another renovation that was more my style. Americans, from Utah no less, fell in love with the village of Beynac in the Dordogne. Who wouldn’t? And ended up buying a 16th century stone house within the original ramparts of the chateau and made it into their family vacation home. The entire story is here.

What’s your house obsession?


Sisters! We’ve got some French time for you

Dedicated to the Francophile in each of us.

ImageStay tuned as we explore France, girlfriend-style.

Whether you love tramping the backroads, exploring wineries and trying off-beat cheeses, or are an armchair traveler, we’ve got you covered.

Send your photos of France: lise at lisemcclendon dot com — no spam please!DSCN1507




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